Food tripping in Johor Bahru

Over the Hari Raya long weekend, the husband and I went across the border to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for (relatively) cheap food and massage. We invited our friends to come along, something like a double date if you insist. Here’s a photo story of our belly-filling trip!

Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh

The famous herbal bak kut teh that’s just directly opposite KSL mall. You pick and choose what other ingredients (other than pork ribs) to add in. Pork liver and stomach please! This place always seems to be packed but the turnover rate is pretty fast and the waiters have established a well-oiled process.

The Replacement – Lodge & Kitchen

Coffee pitstop here at The Replacement. Riley said she’s been here for a couple of times and the food is worth ordering. We didn’t order because we were still full from lunch earlier. Very Instagram-worthy cafe.

KONE Ice Cream

Obviously very attracted to aesthetically pleasing cafes but this soft-serve store is a tad over-rated. Nonetheless, I’ve got good shots of the space to compensate the lack of. Yay?

Flowers in the Window

Really love the concept and design of this cafe! Lush, rustic and warm. Their drinks are worth a try. Food was a-ok but wouldn’t complain because it’s 1/3 the price of SG cafes.

Abalone noodles et Lok Lok

The street of abalone noodles stores, where we were touted by store owners from a distance away. We settled for one rather randomly and it was okay. The soup base tasted like the mini wok we have in Singapore. There were also lok lok trucks around the vicinity.

Le fin.