Busy adulting

Man, it’s been a tough few months. Where do I even begin?

After a long year-end break, where I was in the US for 5 weeks (thank you Gemma, my boss, if you’re reading this), I went straight back into work with an entirely new role that nobody has ever done, and also because of work traveled TONS. Like seriously, the kind of schedule is literally crazy. London touched down Singapore, 5 hours later board the next plane to China. I also plunged myself right into the house renovation project, and went straight to wedding planning (actually not much progress here, just booked venue and emcee lol).

Also trying to keep my social life afloat amidst all these.

Am I not busy adulting or what??? Should I be proud of myself??

Reflecting on these right now actually am making me feel a lot better. I actually did accomplished a lot! Now the house is almost ready to move in but I still need to buy so many things. Like toilet doors haha and ceiling fans and electrical appliances and furnitures!!! Broke AF though.

The next big payment is coming up in 2 weeks time for the wedding too. Ughhh sad.

How do people deal with all these at the age of 27? Where do they get the money seriously. We so broke. 😦

Ok just leaving a mark here, bye ending this incoherent post.