2021 Vision Writing

It is December 3, 2021 and I’m writing this in Bali at a multi-chain resort. COVID-19 has gone with the wind! Travel and normalcy have resumed. Such a perfect weather to be outdoors and there’s not too many people going around. Sitting at the poolside, watching Kenny play water with Nathan. He is 7 going 8 months now and is such a loving boy! He is definitely a big foodie and an adventurous one. We tried feeding him a slice of lemon earlier and caught his cringe on video. Here’s how 2021 went by in a flash:


A major milestone is definitely delivering Nathan smoothly with no complications. He was just the right size as a newborn and is not a fussy baby. He managed to latch on quickly in the beginning and I embarked attempting to feed him exclusively, which makes it so easy when it comes to traveling. He smiles to people and is not afraid of strangers, and we sleep trained him!

Kenny and I are super blessed to have Nathan join our little family. He makes us laugh and has a sense of curiosity towards Mochi our cat. Mochi is also super gentle with him and looks out for him whenever he cries like a big sister does.

Since I have a six months maternity leave, I managed to take some time out for a personal project that I’ve worked on whenever Nathan goes to infant care. It has helped given I have had so many excuses of not starting on a personal project when I was working full-time. This little project has recently taken speed and was featured in a local media outlet! Small win. 🙂

Kenny is staying put in Singapore this year, thank goodness. He has been a great, hands-on partner in bringing up Nathan. It’s been a great year for him as he continues to stay in 149 sqn as one of the few instructors there.


During pregnancy, I had the chance to experience pre-natal barre classes. It’s been great and I’ve decided to continue barre classes at WeBarre! Definitely trying to tone back by body after the birth of Nathan. I now enjoy long walks in parks too so Kenny and I make it a point to do that every weekend with our little bubbly boy, who loves watching the birds.


It was a good, meaningful break in between 2 quarters of the year as I was away for maternity leave. I’m super grateful for my colleagues who have been extremely supportive during the interim. Philip, my manager, has been caring and supportive of the transition.

In my “limited” time at work this year, I managed to secure commitments with a few marketplace partners to start working on FB Shops. Ever since coming back, I’m impressed by the progress the team has made and I can’t wait to be part of the innovation once again!