The day Mochi went crazy

It was Sunday afternoon when this happened. We thought we were being thoughtful to Mochi that she’d like some fresh air by bringing her outdoors. What’s initially good intentions became a pandemic situation because this cat went berserk without our anticipation.

Kenny carried her out from the garage into the cold hoping she’d like a change of environment and well, fresh air. She was all good till all of a sudden, she perhaps had a pang of anxiety or saw a target (rats??) and went squirming about in Kenny’s arms and scratched his palms deep. 😦


I recalled just watching them by the garage indoor and witnessed the moment when Kenny groaned in pain as he rushed back in. Kenny was extremely furious yet in pain and I had to drive out to the pharmacy to get him fixed with ointment.

Then again, what do we expect of a cat right? Oh well. Lesson learned!

See left hand. This was my last day in Boise.
This girl clearly didn’t remember what had happened as she snuggled on my lap. Poor Kenny.

Disclaimer: She’s still ultra ultra adorable ok. See proofs below. 😍