2019 vision

It’s December 2019 and I’m in Hokkaido, Japan this time for winter sports with Kenny and a couple of friends. We are in Niseko, which is an excellent place for skiing or snowboarding, ate tons of fresh seafood and authentic Hokkaido ramen, and what’s not to love about lovely Japan anyway? The Christmas atmosphere was particularly festive and the air hasn’t smell this fresh and crisp before.

I feel accomplished by the milestones, activities and resolutions achieved in 2019. I don’t feel tired or drained, rather energized and pumped up by the high-impact professional accomplishments and personal milestones.


2019 was the year I have achieved and successfully contributed to a major story on the global front after having made a pretty big change in my role. This wouldn’t have been done without supportive colleagues, whom I could lean heavily on. I exceeded my revenue target by 40% and made some significant operational goals for the Greater China Region, which has enabled me to build stronger rapport and relationship with GCR the stakeholders.

I am part of a community at work — one that allows me to unapologetically be true to myself and providing me with opportunities to pay it forward to fellow members of the community.


Mum and dad have officially retired. 🎉 They are slowly getting out of their comfort zone and have travelled to many places they have always wanted to go. Most importantly, they have learned how to use Google Maps. Dad is also doing yoga frequently and that has helped his back from aching.

Kenny has aced and successfully completed his Fighter Instructor Course on a high note and has returned from Idaho, US. He has picked up self-improvement books and has been conscientious in discovering his way of leadership and management. Kenny has hit the golf course for a total of 30 times this year and is cheekily loving it. Lastly, Kenny and I finally checked off a highly badass and fun wedding, and have lived in our little humble abode for a year already.

Jia Yi was the top performer consecutively in her job and was getting so much commission she has hit her quota (haha) for the year. Isaiah and Jia Yi went on their honeymoon to Italy and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Jia An has officially graduated from WKW and has landed a job at a company she has always wanted to work for! She has worked her heart and soul off for her FYP (UTI lol) and took a month’s break for her graduation trip to Russia.

Jian Hao has found passion in hardware tech and robotics and aced a special project in school that got him high visibility amongst his peers and teachers. He officially went on his first Muay Thai competition, regardless if he has win or lost, he has definitely gained a new experience.


I got back into cardio and lowered my cholesterol back to normal! I went back to running and aerobic workouts and I feel so good. I have also shed some fats and took care of my dietary intake, i.e. less carbs, which successfully brought my weight back to 45kilos.

I have written a total of 30 posts in 2019, which is highly record-breaking taking into account of historical data that is. These posts are updates on my life, feelings on certain issues and happy moments that I’d like to pen down in writing.

I have also become more mindful and appreciative of the present. I walk slower when there’s no rush and has picked up a routine of weekly reflection every Sunday.