I left my heart at Whole Foods

It’s one week into the spanking new year guys. “What have you accomplished?” questioned the ever-go-getter.

Let’s just say this trip to the US has seen me cooking tons and hence, l’ve learnt to appreciate fresh produce ever more so than the past 21 years of my life. Presenting my heart to you, Whole Foods Market.

Bye, Walmart Supercenter.

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Neat presentation of veggies are totally worth a photo.

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Whole Foods is a relatively up market so expect products to be slightly pricier but who can resist the thoughtful designs and “Eat me! I’m produced locally!” messages?? “I don’t have antibiotics in me” said the chicken eggs.

So after that trip to Whole Foods, I was kinda sulking to the thought of having to head back to Walmart since it’s closer to where we live. Well, we ended up buying skinless, boneless chicken thighs from Walmart though. Not the most fantastic chicken thighs I’ve eaten ever since Whole Foods came into my life. Lol wtf damn dramatic, excuse me for that.